Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Years One and Two!!

Sorry it has been way to long but here I go I left off with Adam turning one. Adam spent alot of time at his Mimi's while I worked he was a good kid never did we have to get onto him. He loved fruits and vegetables and hardly ate any sweets. Adam and his grandma planted Adam a tomato plant and Adam would always run out there to pick him a "mato". When Adam was about a year and half we went to see my mom in El Paso and rode on an airplane. Adam was so excited but once we got on the plane he was disappointed he didn't believe we were on a plane. While we were in El Paso Adam discovered Shrek and I could not get him to stop watching it was everything Shrek! So luckily on Adams 2nd birthday Shrek 2 party theme was out and that was the party! After Adams birthday I took him to see Shrek 2 and he was terrified i mean terrified because of the giant gingerbread man! I was hilarious but at the same time i was like my poor baby somebody bought him the movie and I remember the look on his face when he saw the cover he ran and threw it in the trash.
Here is my most favorite memory of all Adam loved foam like the kind from couches or the egg crates you put on mattress. He would walk around with it in one of his hands clinched tight and he would go on playing his normal routine never dropping it or letting it go. He would fall asleep with it in his hand and finally let it go then I would be able to throw it away...and guess what he did he did first thing he did in the morning, looked all over the blankets for it then when he couldnt find it he would get up and go get more somehow somewhere! I would find it in his ears in his nose so if I seen him and one of his hands werent closed I would chech his ears or nose and sure enough thats were it would be. I would even find it in is diaper sometimes. Oh and these pieces werent that big small smaller than the palm of his hand. Hope you enjoyed some memories of years 1 and 2!!

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