Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Find a place inside where there's Joy, and the Joy will burn out the pain...

Two blogs in one day Im on a roll but this blog is more of an update on Adam.
2 weeks ago we Adam had his three month check up with Nuerology and of course had everyone smile and laughing because now mama has to tell all his jokes (sometimes its very embarrassing). Dr. Lotze really wants me to go get my blood work done because they seen something in Adams bloodwork that they havent seen before so they need my blood to study it also. Adam also got his G-Button which is alot easier and now he is able to take a bath!! Woohoo!! We went to the opthamologist also and she did confirm that Adam is blind. His eyes are good she said when you are blind the nerves in your eyes turn white Adams still has color but theyre pale as she looked deeper inside the damage was more intense. So basically his eyes are good its the part of the brain that controls that eyesight is already being affected with the ALD. There for a while I was very scared Adam lost a lot of abilities and a quick rate....but now I can say we have been steady and he is comfortable now. Even though he cant walk speak or see we have our special communication. We love on him, sing to him, play with him, scare him when he wants to play because his hearing has gotten so good he knows when your trying to sneek up on him! I love him Rollo loves him Alayna loves him Oriana loves him and Zoie loves and not to mention the other hundreds if not thousands that love him and lives Adam has touched. With the holidays I have found myself more emotional but Im hoping to a big blowout Christmas for my kids! Through all of it all I know my blessings and through out the day I have to look a little harder.
Love you all and God Bless!


  1. U are so strong an that's wgere Adam gets his strength! !as a mom I have no clue how u do it all I know is God is with y'all an we are an always will pray for Adam an yalls family...God bless an merry Christmas...we <3 u Adam your my lil hero=}

  2. Thanks for putting updates on the blog. I don't want to ask you because I am sure you hear that all the time about how is he doing, how are you doing, etc. I pray for you guys any chance I can and I pray for you especially as his mom to keep up the strength and courage you have shown in this time. you are one tough lady!


  3. You are such a strong woman Amber. Adam is such a special lil boy. All though I never met him his pics and your post of all the silly things he do or say just make me laugh. And I feel I known him his whole life. Keep those spirits high Adam is so lucky to have u as a mother you to are the best. I love you and your family. Pray for you all.

    Bridgette. H

  4. Thanks for the updates on Adam I cry everytime I read them I know it must be very hard I pray for Adam and his family almost daily my son is the same age with blond hair and blue eyes so it kinda hits home, God has a place for him our life on this planet is only temporary!

  5. Thinking of you all