Thursday, April 26, 2012

God is Good...All The Time!

Wow it has been a very long time since I updated the blog!
I hope as all of you read this that yall are in good health and spirits! That no matter what is going on in your life you should always count your blessings and give thanks to our good Lord!
"Write your hurts in the sand and carve your blessings in stone"
April 27,2012 is a whole year that Adam has been diagnosed with this horrible disease Adrenoleukodystrophy. It has robbed my family of so many things and has robbed my son of so much. It has taken his ability to walk, talk, see and eat. It HAS NOT taken his love for life,his personality or his mind! Adam has proven some of the doctors this time last year they didnt know if Adam would even see his 10th birthday and they for sure told me that when he started losing his everyday functions he would also suffer from dementia. All I have to say is that this boy does not suffer from an ounce of dementia at all! As a matter of fact Adam has returned to school as of April 18th!! Praise God!!
God works in mysterious ways and we will never even begin to understand the great working of our Lord! A year ago today is when I was fed up and wanted answers and thats when I decided to take Adam to Texas Childrens Hospital. When I decided to take him I really didnt know what to expect but all I kept thinking was either they will think its serious enough that they will keep him and do an MRI or at least we would leave there with a referral to see a neurologist! Never did I expect what the outcome would be...I mean who would??
So today Adam and I went to visit our friend Christian and his mom at TCH and they are in the same exact room we were in exactly a year ago!
Is that a God thing or what??
I have been planning to go this day (for 2 weeks) to spend the day at the hospital with them as he was gonna have an out patient treatment but he fell ill and was admitted on Saturday!
Here is what I think:
God wanted me to see where we are a year from Adams diagnoses, yes A LOT has changed but I still have Adam and that alone is a blessing! My family has been through so much this past year. If I actually knew what I know today about where we would be in Adams diagnoses and how happy and blessed we are I would think I was completely INSANE!! Danielle and I went down for lunch and as we were eating we actually saw the nuerologist that diagnosed Adam. I was telling him "can you believe it has been a year since you told me the horrible news?" He then walked up to Adam said something in his ear and kissed his forehead. He said his goodbyes and well wishes and Danielle then told me that his eyes were teary and he was about to cry! Im pretty sure that was also Gods plan for us to be having lunch the same exact time Dr. Rivera was getting his lunch. Like I said GOD IS GOOD!!
I have a lot to be thankful for and many people to be thankful for!
First and for most God without him I wouldnt have the strength, faith and hope to face this head on like I have!
My husband who has been an absolute blessing not only to me but my children. He doesnt have to do all the things that he does but yet he chooses to. I dont know of to many men that would stick around in this situation but he has and Im forever grateful!
LeeAnn...a year ago she told me " I will walk this journey with you" and she has through the good times and the bad. She is a blessing to me and my family and so many others! I know that no matter what shes doing she will be there and Im so grateful for her and her family!
Many, many women from our church...... I tried to list them all, and every 5 minutes I think of someone else!  That is how many people have blessed our life!  So I am not going to try to list everyone, but please know, you have all blessed us so very much!
 Im grateful for all the woman at our church! (and the men too!!!)
Newport elementary will forever be my favorite school! They just rock!!
Well its late and I wanted to just write how God good is and how blessed today that I am today! Hope you all have a blessed night!


  1. Adam and your family are a blessing to me. Thanks for allowing my family to be a part of your journey. Love you guys!

  2. What a witness you are to God's grace and provision. I love you my sister friend!