Monday, October 22, 2012

We Are Here And Doing Great!!

It has been a very long time since I have updated this blog. First off everyone is doing well. Adam is back in school and I kept him in the 4th grade just because the teachers and the nurse all know him well. I am very comfortable with him being there. They know him well and if something is wrong they know what to look for. He is in very good hands at Newport Elementary schoo! Today was a special day for Adam. He got to go see his friends at Drew Intermediate School. Im so proud of how well behaved all the kids were and how excited they were to see Adam. I took many pictures and as soon as I find the cord to put them on the computer I will have them up. It was a very fun and although it was just that I couldnt but help to think I HATE YOU ALD my son should be here with all his classmates in the 5th grade. I quickly pushed those thoughts away and Im just grateful that my son is still here. He is still smarter than ever and remembers everything. Things are getting so hard Adam is getting huge and its getting harder and harder to lift him. Im so afraid that if I let someone else do it they will hurt my baby and then the Wrath of Amber will come out. Alayna is doing well shes still crazier than ever lol.
Adam had a horrible seizure last week and scared me horribly. Im trying to see the bigger picture here and trying to have faith that everything will be ok...but theyre not...I know what the outcome of what we are going through is gonna be, things will not be or alright. Things will not get better they will get worse. Im a mom Im suppossed to make everything better but I cant.
I had a friend write this to me:
Christ does not immediately calm the storm, but He is always willing to calm His child on the basis of his presence. 'Dont worry! Im right here! I know the winds are raging and the waves are high, but I am God over both.If I let them continue to swell, its because I want you to see me walk on water. This set of prints can be seen only in a storm. Im in this with you, and I love you more than youll ever know.' We'll probably never learn to enjoy our storms, but we can learn to enjoy Gods presence in the storm.
We have been through a huge storm....a hurricane this past year and a half.
Things will get harder from here on out I am Adams caregiver but I must find a night time job to helps ends meet and to take all the burden off my husband. Im exhausted now I can only imagine when I start working. Thank you evryone for your thouhgts and prayers we love you all!!

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