Monday, June 27, 2011

Tides and Waves

"The tides of life are predictable, the waves of life are uncertain.  I am thankful I know The One who controls the tides and commands the waves." ~Robin Butler

The last several months have been a series of waves...... last night, the "wave" threatened to pull under.  Thankfully, at God's command, the storm was calmed.

Yesterday, Adam had a difficult day.  He was disoriented at times and struggled more than usual.  By evening, Adam was running fever and he fell and hit his head.  He became more disoriented and had difficulty responding.  A call to the nuerologist led to an emergency trip to Texas Children's Hospital.  Due to the ALD, Adam's body does not respond to the trauma of injuries or fever as other children would and can be in a critical situation quickly.  Through emails, texts and Facebook, several people began to pray, pleading with God for Adam to recover and continue to enjoy life as he is now. 

By the time Adam and his family arrived at the hospital, he was perking up and "Adam" was shining through.  He greeted visitors with hugs and assurances of "I am fine!  I am going to be OK!" 

When the ER Doctor entered the room, Adam asked, "Who are you?"  She responded, "I am your Doctor for the night."  To which Adam replied, "Oh, I thought you would be a man!"  His witty Doctor didn't miss a beat. She replied, "I bet you think all nurses are girls!"  He laughed and they made friends immediately. 

Thankfully, his bloodwork returned normal, neurology agreed he could go home and his Doctor returned to let him know the good news.  Adam was not happy!  He bargained, pleaded and negotiated some more...... "Please can I stay in the hospital just 6 days?  How about 4? Please?"  Before she left, she assured him, "If I could, I would admit you just so I could hang out with you!"  Adam had stolen her heart, just as he has stolen the hearts of all of us!  By the way, before leaving to go home, Adam's "Super Powers" were back in full strength.  In fact, he cleared the room more than once.  He is very proud of his accomplishments! :-)

While reflecting on the events of the evening, Danielle pointed many times we walk away from situations and say "Whew! That was close!  Thankfully it turned out not to be what we thought!"  When in reality, it was what we thought, but God intervened and changed the course.  We believe God intervened.  He heard your prayers and calmed the storm.  So today, we give Him Glory!  We praise Him and thank Him for restoring Adam to his clever, witty self!

This morning, another wave hit.  Dr. Lotze returned from out of the country and called Amber.  The genetics testing was back and he confirmed Adam has the genetic form of ALD.  This means Amber will need to undergo genetic testing as well.  When Amber explained the changes Adam has experienced, and told him about the events of yesterday, Dr. Lotze explained these changes are to be expected.  He then let her know he was putting in a referral for a wheelchair and modifications to their home.  This news is difficult on so many levels and may include the need to move to a different home.

So, taking a deep breath and choosing to make the most of the day, Adam was able to enjoy a day with his family.  Rollo took the day off and they went to see Kung Fu Panda II, ate pizza and relaxed!

1.  God answered prayers and Adam quickly recovered from his fever and fall!
2.  Adam and his family enjoyed a day together - movies, pizza.....the normal things in life!
3.  God's continued provision of air and the ability to breathe while the waves of ALD come too close together!

Prayer Requests:
1.  Healing.  Healing.  Healing.
2.  Decisions and provisions regarding a handicap ready home.
3.  Comfort, Peace and Wisdom for Adam and his family.

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's the small things.....

It's the small things that matter most!! Have I mentioned how much I love my family....I have the best kids and the worlds greatest husband he works so hard so that me and our kids can have things! I also have the greatest friends that anyone could ask for. We had an awesome weekend Saturday Rollo got us a new vehicle we traded in the Equinox and got an Acadia then we joined Amber and James at Rhonda and Keith's house for a yummy fish fry! The kids played for hours in the water. Sunday we went to church and Adam was baptized by Brother Robin it was AWESOME! At the very moment I was the happiest mother on earth! We then meet up with LeeAnn and her crew at Straight off the Road for some good BBQ! That was a yummy lunch!! Here we are and its Monday we didn't do much we cleaned up the house and I took the kids to go swimming at Ms.Rachel's house they had a blast! They enjoyed it very much! Well that is all for now I hope everyone has a blessed night and a blessed day tomorrow!
For all of my followers who doesn't know Christian if you have time please go read another blog its a little boy who we hold close to our heart.....his blog is Pray for Christian Daniel! I need to get the word out about him the power of prayer is awesome!
Love you all and God Bless!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Amazing Grace

Wow it's been awhile since I have wrote on here. We are still trying to adjust to returning home from Disneyworld which by the way was AWESOME!! We made so many great memories and the kids are still talking about the rides! With the amazing imaginations they have pretending they are going onto a ride - one of their favorites was The Haunted Mansion. Adam and Oriana were not a fan of the roller coasters.  But Alayna my lil dareangel was!  She is such a brave 6 year old! We returned Thursday, June 9th and on the 10th we joined LeeAnn, David and their family for an Astros game.  After the game, we met up with the Towles family and waited for JR to come see Adam! We stayed in the parking lot until 12 am hanging with JR and the family.  Adam also talked and told jokes to Micheal Borne which I think is awesome! To see and hear Adam praying for JR that was awesome coming from my son! Adam and JR have an awesome connection and I know its all through Christ! JR and Brittany Towles are an amazing couple!
Sunday we went to church and then we went to see Rollo's youngest daughter Zoie and she ended up coming home with us! We then went to our family church picnic with our Church. Adam spent a lot of the time talking with LeeAnn, Danielle and Amanda. Yesterday LeeAnn informed me that as the women prayed for Christian (which is another sick baby from our church) Adam wanted to pray for him as well! That is amazing to see God working through this 9 year boy!
As of yesterday, my emotions were running away from me.....I had enough and told the kids let's get out of here. So we went to Bounce USA and guess what?  They were closed!! Grrrr!  So we went to Walmart for some groceries. I know, not very exciting! Came home, cooked dinner and Rollo got called out to work and I was just feeling sad! The kids and I went to LeeAnn's house and while we were there...........
At 9:15 pm my son Adam Nathaniel asked Jesus into his heart!
So through all the emotions I had felt earlier that day, at that moment everything was better! Yesterday turned out to be a GREAT DAY!!
So here is the next GREAT NEWS........
Adam will be baptized Sunday June 20th at 9:00 am at First Baptist Church of Crosby!
God Bless!!
Hope to see you there! This mommy is proud of her children!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Give Kids the World and Disney

Adam and family are staying at the Give Kids the World resort, near Disney.  Amber says she wishes they could live there.... it is fabulous.  They are taking a break from the heat today and heading indoors until later when things cool off.  They are taking full advantage of their Fast Pass which keeps them from waiting in long lines to enjoy the rides at Disney.

Today is Amber and Rollo's wedding anniversary.  (Saturday was Amber's birthday). 

1.  This trip to Florida was made possible by the generosity of so many.  Thankful for Make a Wish, Give Kids the World, and Friends and Family!
2.  Time together as a family making memories.
3.  God's grace is sufficient.

1.  This trip has been bittersweet.  Please pray for Amber to have peace and enjoy the moments. 
2.  Pray for Adam to have endurance and strength as it is very hot and there is LOTS of walking. 
3.  Pray for God's healing in Adam's body. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Heading for Disney

This morning, around 10:30 am, Make a Wish sent a vehicle to take Adam and his family to the airport.  They loaded up and left Crosby for an adventure!

They arrived at the airport and waited "patiently".........

Flight went well. Upon arrival they were greeted by a Make a Wish representative.

Please continue to pray for them all to have a GREAT time!  We will update pictures throughout the week.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make Adam's dreams come true!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Many Blessings........

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for all the things people have blessed us with! A huge thank you to Newport Elementary for the donations and for taking care of Adam while he is at school! NES rocks and I'm so happy that he will be there next year. To all the other wonderful people that has helped us God bless you.
We are so excited about our trip to Disneyworld....the kids are worried about flying but they will be fine! We will be there for 7 days and guess what I found out the weekend that we are there they will have a Star Wars show. Adam is going to love it!!
Please continue to pray for Adam as well as Alayna and Oriana. Alayna has not been herself and I know its from all the stress and everything thats going on. Pray for Rollo and I as we go on this trip to be stress-free and not to be parents but kids ourselves! Sorry I have not updated our blog but sometimes well alot of the time I'm always having to do something! Well I promise I will update this later today! Gotta do some more packing, laundry, and cleaning! Love yall and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!