Monday, June 20, 2011

It's the small things.....

It's the small things that matter most!! Have I mentioned how much I love my family....I have the best kids and the worlds greatest husband he works so hard so that me and our kids can have things! I also have the greatest friends that anyone could ask for. We had an awesome weekend Saturday Rollo got us a new vehicle we traded in the Equinox and got an Acadia then we joined Amber and James at Rhonda and Keith's house for a yummy fish fry! The kids played for hours in the water. Sunday we went to church and Adam was baptized by Brother Robin it was AWESOME! At the very moment I was the happiest mother on earth! We then meet up with LeeAnn and her crew at Straight off the Road for some good BBQ! That was a yummy lunch!! Here we are and its Monday we didn't do much we cleaned up the house and I took the kids to go swimming at Ms.Rachel's house they had a blast! They enjoyed it very much! Well that is all for now I hope everyone has a blessed night and a blessed day tomorrow!
For all of my followers who doesn't know Christian if you have time please go read another blog its a little boy who we hold close to our heart.....his blog is Pray for Christian Daniel! I need to get the word out about him the power of prayer is awesome!
Love you all and God Bless!

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  1. Sunday was such an awesome day! I am so very proud of Adam. Looking forward to being with him as he enters 4th grade. Gayla Haas