Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"'Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears?
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You're near?

What if trials of this life
Are Your mercies in disguise?" ~ Blessings by Laura Story

Over the past 24 hours, Amber has faced decisions no parent ever wants to face.....and she has done so with courage and strength beyond her years!  It is obvious God is guiding her and granting her the wisdom and peace she has asked Him to provide.

The opportunity to go to Minnesota and meet with Doctors about possible experimental stem cell treatment held many challenges.  One of the biggest concerns is the advance stage of Adam's disease.  With his stage of disease, the treatment itself had a high potential for causing further, rapid deterioration.
 After careful consideration, research and above all else, prayer, Amber has made the decision to choose quality of life and relationships for Adam instead of hospitals, chemo, radiation and stem cell treatment.  It is extremely important to Amber and Rollo that Adam's life be full, his memories be happy and his relationships be strong for as long as God allows him to have the capacity to enjoy life!  Make no mistake, we continue to pray for God's intervention and complete healing of Adam's body.  We will not cease to ask for that healing until the day he leaves this earthly body and receives his eternal, disease-free, glorious body in heaven.  God is able to heal Adam in Disney World, at home, or at the beach with His family.  God is not limited to healing only in the setting of chemo, radiation and hospitals.  We will continue to ask, with confidence God is able and will completely trust Him with the results.

Make a Wish has been amazing!  They are setting up Adam's trip for June 3rd, right after school ends.  James, Amber and Emma will be in Disney at the same time and the timing allows for them to enjoy company of friends at the same time!  God is good to work out that detail!!!!

In choosing a life of memories for Adam, their family will make the most of every day and opportunity - whether that is enjoying watching Adam play with Alayna in the yard, exploring the beach with his grandpa or saying his good night prayers!  Please continue to support this family with your prayers, friendship and gifts of love.  Your generosity has allowed for great memory makers already!  We look forward to seeing what God does through this community of church, friends and family in the days to come.

1.  God answered prayer in a very real, specific way.  He gave Amber wisdom and ability to make the tough decisions.  He has given her peace and a lightness of spirit as she is confident in this decision.
2.  God has blessed Amber with Rollo.  He has been her support and loves her, encourages her and gives her courage to do what she believes is right.
3.  Make a Wish has quickly provided an amazing trip to Disney and God worked out the timing where they will be able to share some of the experience with friends.

1.  Please pray for continued peace for Adam's family as they seek to make the most of every day. 
2.  Pray for God to continue to provide for every need - emotional, physical, financial and spiritual.
3.  Pray for Alayna and Oriana as they navigate the unfamiliar territory they have been place in at this time.  Ask God to give them a sense of security and love.
4.  Pray for God to grant Amber wisdom with every decision she faces, and the courage to do whatever God leads her to do.

Ways you can help:
1.  Pray.  Never stop believing God can heal and He still performs miracles.  Ask God for complete healing of Adam.
2.  If you have connections to provide Adam and his family with opportunities to make memories, please consider doing so.  He absolutely loved meeting the Astros (especially the locker room!), his birthday was a BLAST, the King Ranch Truck was cool, cool, cool! All of these things were made possible because of people who knew people who had a heart to help.  If you know someone who might be able to provide vacation opportunities or experiences here in town, please contact Amber directly or you may contact Lee Ann to do so anonymously. 
3.  Gift cards are still helpful.  Amber has quit her job in order to spend this time with Adam.  Rollo will be taking off work as he is able.  He will be going to Disney and there will be other times he will want to be with the family.  Visa gift cards can be used to pay utilities, gasoline, groceries or for a vacation.  You may also make donations at Community Bank in Crosby by seeing Josh Seale. 

Here is a link to an amazing song of the beauty of the blessings found through trials.
Blessings by Laura Story

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Minnesota and Disney on the Horizon

* If you are reading this blog, please be sure and read the update on the entry "Blessings" from May 25th *

Today, while Adam was at his Endocrinology appointment, Dr. Krantz and Dr. Lotze were meeting and conferring with a team of Doctors in Minnesota.  At the end of the endocrinology appointment (where Adam checked out well!) Mrs. Dianne (Social Worker) and Dr. Lotze's nursing coordinator notified Amber a decision had been made....   Dr. Paul Orchard has agreed to see Adam at Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minnesota and evaluate him for a possible stem cell treatment being offered to some children with advanced ADL. Plans are for him to be in Minnesota next week. Chris Brown Charity provided Southwest Airline tickets for Adam, Amber and Rollo to make travel possible.  They will be in Minnesota for 2 - 3 days where Adam will undergo extensive testing and evaluations.  This is an amazing opportunity with multiple challenges and concerns.

Dr. Lotze's office contacted Make A Wish and arrangements are in place for him to take his Disney trip either before or immediately following his trip to Minnesota.  This will be an awesome memory making trip for the entire family! 

There is no time to conduct a fundraiser, so we are asking people to consider how you might be able to help.  Below is a list of specific needs.  We are asking financial contributions be made in the form of Visa Gift Cards where possible.  The Pay Pal option is still available as well.

Financial Needs:  Please coordinate your donations with Lee Ann Lee if possible. 
Contacts: Cell: 832-573-1862 or email: or at FBC Crosby church office 281-328-2564.

1. Taxes on the airline tickets (approximately $90 per ticket x 3)
2. Meals. ($5 - $10 per person per meal depending on what is available.  3 meals per day for three people for 3 to 4 days. Consider sponsoring a meal or a day of meals)
3.  Rollo will be missing approximately 2 weeks of work between the trip to Minnesota and Disney.  Contributions above need for trip may be used to help offset his loss of income over this period of time.
4.  Transportation - taxi or rental car while in Minnesota.  Will need transportation to and from hospital and lodging. (varies)
5.  Lodging.  Hoping for a Ronald MacDonald House room to be available.  Will not know until later this week if this will be available and if so, at what expense.

* If the trip to Minnesota falls through for any reason, donations will be used for future needs.

Prayer Needs

1.  Pray for HOPE.  Pray for viable options to bring healing to Adam.  Pray for God's Divine intervention in the evaluation process.  Ask God to leave no doubt of His presence.
2.  Pray for wisdom in the decisions Amber and Rollo will have to make regarding potential treatments.  These options are not without risk and do not offer guarantees of positive outcome.  Pray for peace and certainty in the decisions they make.
3.  Pray for Alayna and Oriana.  In different ways, they are both under stress at this time.  Ask God to assure both of them of the love of their parents and give them peace.
4.  Pray for God to provide financially, emotionally and spiritually for every single need in the days ahead.
5.  Pray for Dr. Orchard who will be evaluating Adam.  Ask God to give him wisdom about Adam's case.
6.  Pray for Adam's entire family as they love him so very much.  Ask God to give them peace and hope.  Ask God to increase their faith and draw them all closer to Jesus than they were a minute ago.  Then the next minute, as Him to increase their faith again.  Make them all aware of God's presence every single moment.  Ask God to let them see His hands at work.


1.  God has been, is, and will continue to be sufficient!
2.  Adam had THE BEST Birthday Party possible.  Donations from friends, strangers, businesses and family made the day all he could have dreamed.
3.  Adam was able to meet several of the Astro players thanks to the generous hearts of the JR Towles family.  Be sure and ask him what he saw in the locker room!  :-)
4.  Newport Elementary Rocks!  Teachers and classmates are going above and beyond to bless Adam and his family. 
5.  God has been, is, and will continue to be sufficient!

Tuesday May 24th

WOW what an awesome weekend we had with Adam's birthday party and with meeting the Astros last night.
Let me start off with Saturday the day of Adam's was such a great turnout and it was very fun. I left early to meet up with LeeAnn and Amber to get things ready for the birthday meanwhile Adam, Rollo, Alayna and Oriana stayed behind to finish getting ready. Little did Adam know that a huge decked out Ford King Ranch truck was coming to pick him up for his party! I think that was pretty awesome and he was so excited! We had face painting, balloon makers, cotton candy, popcorn, was all so yummy! We also had hamburgers and hotdogs thank you James for cooking for all of us! Amber Asbill made the most delicious cupcakes and cake....the cake looked awesome! Thank you Amber! I also want to thank LeeAnn, Paula, Ann and everyone who helped make this day special for Adam! Adam got so much stuff its unbelievable! Thank you everyone for all his gifts and money!
Yesterday we got to meet the Houston Astros and it was AMAZING!!!
When we first got there we got to go onto the field and watch them have batting practice along with autographs and pictures! Thank you to Mrs.Houser, Mrs.Towles and Jr Towles for making Adam MVP for the day! Soon after Adam and Rollo got to go into the Clubhouse! While Adam and Rollo were in there me and the girls went ot our seats. Adam and Rollo got to meet CRAIG BIGGIO and get his autograph! Adam got 2 signed Louisville Slugger one from JR Towles and the other from MIcheal Bourn! He got a glove from Bill Hall, sweat bands from Humberto Quintero, batting gloves and Astros necklace from JR Towles! Autographed ball from all the players and his Astros hat too! Thank you Towles family for making it possible for Adam!
                                    GOD BLESS~AMBER

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday May 18th

Let me see where do I begin first of all let me give thanks to the Lord for blessing us with another day! Yesterday was Adam's 9th birthday and the school gave him a surprise birthday party! He got an ipod, Astros bag, Astros cap, Astros shirt, $40 toys r us gift card and a $25 visa gift card. So last night Adam got to pick where he wanted his birthday dinner at and he picked CiCi's pizza....after we ate we made a trip to toys r us...can you guess what he bought...yep LEGOS!!!! And another really cool thing Christian Smith Adam's best buddy got to go home on Adam's birthday how awesome and cool is that?! Danielle thank you for our much needed talk! Ok so now the next event will be his big birthday celebration!! I'm so excited to spend the day with my family and friends! I want to to tell everybody that is helping I don't know how many times I can say thank you but thank you from the bottome over our hearts! I got great news also make-a-wish came out to see Adam today and hopefully within the next couple months Adam's dream will come true!  Adam's endocrine doctor also called me today and Adam's bloodwork from the 12th came back normal. With that being said his adrenal levels are where they need to be and we do not need to change his steriod intake!

1. People coming together to make Adam's birthday special!
2. Adam's adrenal levels are where they need to be!
3. Dr.Lotze is willing to look into any treatments that I suggest and that he is waiting to hear back from Dr.Krance

1. Continue lifting Adam up in prayer and asking for complete healing!
2. That the doctors will not overlook anything and that further treatment is the right option!
3. Prayers for Rollo and myself that we continue receiving patience, understanding, wisdom, and love!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday May 16th

Hello all sorry we haven't been on here.We had a good weekend.....
Saturday we went to a birthday party and Adam and Alayna had a blast swimming and going on the moonwalk. Saturday evening Aunt Irma, Cindy, Nick and sweet baby Caiden came to visit. We had burgers and family time! Sunday we had church and had Parent-Child dedication for Adam and Alayna! They really enjoyed it.....after church we had lunch with James, Amber and lil Miss Emma....Adam and Alayna's family came too. Rollo and I enjoyed the Asbill's company!
Tomorrow is Adam's 9th birthday......9 I can't believe it! The school is planning a surprise party for Adam!
Adam is doing well and is being the little boy my boy is meant to be! Thank you all for your prayers! We can only take this one day at a time....
I want to tell everyone thank you for all that is helping with Adam's party on May 21st I hope to see everyone there......please keep in mind there might be a last minute change and I promise I will let yall know! The day and the time will remain the same but location might change! Love you all and God Bless!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good News Friday!

Today, Adam went to see the opthamologist.  Amber and Rollo had previously been told Adam was legally blind.  This made sense as he has been bumping into things from time to time.  Today, the opthamologist examined Adam and said he has 20/30 vision.  He only has a touch of far sightedness and an astigmatism.  The doctor said it isn't even necessary for Adam to wear his glasses unless he wants to do so!

In fact, at this time, there is no damage to Adam's vision or eyes as a result of ALD! 

It was a huge blessing for Amber to hear GOOD NEWS today! 

Adam was able to visit with his friend, Christian today as well.  This was a huge blessing to Adam and to Christian.

Today was a good day!  Making plans for Adam's big birthday bash.  Amber will fill you in on details soon.

Please continue to pray for wisdom, peace and endurance!  Pray for more good news reports and times of encouragement!

Results and Prayers Thursday, May12

“Be JOYFUL in HOPE, PATIENT in affliction, FAITHFUL in PRAYER.”  ~Romans 12:12

Today, Amber and Rollo received the report that Adam’s blood work confirms the Adrenoleukodystrophy diagnosis.  Dr. Lotze said that Adam is exhibiting symptoms of advanced disease.   Because the disease is already advanced, he is not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant.  Dr.Lotze said he would continue to communicate with doctors around the country and with Kennedy Krieger Institute for potential treatment options. 
Dr. Lotze said his office had already contacted Make A Wish Foundation and the paperwork is in process to grant Adam a “wish”.  Adam has dreamed of going to Disney World and Make A Wish will make that (or whatever else he dreams up) possible for Adam and his family. 
Thankfully, Adam is unaware of the seriousness of this disease.  His spirits are high and he tells his mom “I love you” at least once every 20 minutes!   Please be mindful of the fact Adam is unaware and be careful regarding what you share with other children who may unwittingly say something to Adam.  It is of great importance to Amber and Rollo that Adam enjoy being a kid, and continue to “be Adam” without fear or worry about the future and that he not be treated like the “sick kid”.  Adam’s witty personality and big smile will certainly make it easy to treat him just like we did a month ago!
What can you do?  How can you help?
1.        Pray.  Pray again.  Pray some more.  Pray for Adam to continue to enjoy life and soak up all the fun he can!  There are lots of special events planned for him in the coming weeks – Surprise Party at school, Meet the Astros, Birthday Party – Pray for Adam and his family to enjoy these times!
2.       It will be important to keep Alayna and Oriana in your prayers as well.   They love their brother very much and the challenges ahead will impact their world as well.
3.       Pray for Amber and Rollo.  Pray for strength, faith, love, wisdom and peace.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prayers for tomorrow's doctor appointment

We will see Dr.Lotze tomorrow at 12:45 pm. He is Adam's neurologist and I am praying that we have the test results! I have so many emotions going thru me right now but thru the graces of God I know that I will be ok! I am blessed to have my husband Rollo in my life as well as my children....I couldnt have asked God for a better man! He has been patient, caring, compassionate, loving and above all has been my crutch and is taking time from work to be with me at doctor appointments. Please pray for us tomorrow as we go to this appoinment for peace, strength, and understanding! One day at a time! Love all of you for following us and all your prayers! I will update everyone tomorrow! Good Night and God Bless! ~Amber

Wednesday, May 11th

Well today has been a great day so far my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Eddie came by to visit and it was good seeing them! Adam had a good morning although he said hes stomach felt weird like if he was pregnant yes he said pregnant he said it felt like something was moving in his stomach! LOL he always makes my day! Well tomorrow we return to the neurologist for a hospital follow up and I'm so nervous about going but I'll have Rollo there with me as well as LeeAnn so I know I will have the support I need! Adam's school is going to have him a party on the 17th but shhhh he doesn't know about it! Then we will be having his party on the 21st still dont know what time but I promise I will let yall know. If anyone is wondering he is into Star Wars, Legos, Tony Hawk, he also has a DSi and a Wii. I got word from Adam's Aunt Laci that the benefit for Adam will be July 10th and I will keep yall posted on that as well. I want to say thank you for all your help and prayers! I know that we are not in this Journey alone and we are blessed to live in such a great community! ~Amber

1. Adam's faith and spirit are strong.
2. Our family is doing great.
3. Adam is doing great in school.

1. God to continue working in Adam's life.
2. That the doctor's have good results tomorrow.
3. Continue praying for our family for peace and strength!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Thank You from Adam

Thank you everybody that is praying for me. I am sad that school is almost over I am gonna miss my teachers and my friends! I am excited about the summer too! Hey guess what my birthday is in 7 days and I cant wait and my party is in 11 days! I love my mom, and my step-dad Rollo, my sister Alayna and my other sister Oriana.
                                                           From Adam Hunter

Tuesday, May 10th

Good Morning to all! What a beautiful day has God blessed us with! Adam had a good morning and so did Alayna....we are getting closer to his birthday and he is counting down the days....7 more days to be exact! Adam is so excited that on Monday May 23rd he gets to meet the Houston Astros how cool is that (mommy is excited too)! Yesterday he got an autographed baseball from J.R. Towles... of course when we found this out Adam had to call his Popo and tell him that he gets to meet the Astros. What an awesome birthday gift! Thank you all who is following us on this journey and thank you LeeAnn for all that you are doing for us! Love every single one of you and God Bless!! ~ Amber

Monday, May 9, 2011

Prayers for Adam tonight.......

Adam is having a rough night tonight he is very emotional I'm asking that we ask God to comfort him! The doctor said he would have mood swings, be happy one minute and crying the next....well that happened at dinner time tonight. As a mother it breaks my heart to see him cry over the school year ending he is worried about Mrs.Cannon and Mrs.Simmons! He is now doing fine and I hope it stays that way through out the night! Thank you Jesus in all that you do and please say a prayer for Christian Smith and his family yall are always in our thoughts and prayers! ~Amber

Monday, May 9th

Today, Adam returned for his first full week back at school.  In his typcial, outgoing self he made it clear, I was not to walk him into school!  He was determined to go in by himself.   Even though I want to keep him in a bubble of protection, I have to let him be the little boy that he is and have fun!

I am excited about having this blog.  I will keep everybody updated here.  Your prayers and support mean everything to us.  ~ Amber

1.  Adam has his appetite back.
2.  Adam's spirit and absolute faith he is ok, not sick, and is going to be ok.
3.  Adam's school is 100% behind him about going back to school.

Prayer Request:
1.   Please pray for Adam's healing. 
2.   Upcoming appointment on Thursday, May 12th with neurologist and Friday with the opthamologist.  Please pray for good results and God's grace and peace during the appointment.
3.   God's continued peace and strength for Adam and our family.