Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Thank You from Adam

Thank you everybody that is praying for me. I am sad that school is almost over I am gonna miss my teachers and my friends! I am excited about the summer too! Hey guess what my birthday is in 7 days and I cant wait and my party is in 11 days! I love my mom, and my step-dad Rollo, my sister Alayna and my other sister Oriana.
                                                           From Adam Hunter


  1. Adam i cant believe u are gonna be 9Yrs old already i remember the day ur mom had u....u r my only nephew and i love u soooo very much bubba. I hope to see u soon. Kaeli misses u and Alayna. I still need to know what u want for ur birthday, so u better let me know....anyways i gotta get back to work now. ........love ur aunt Laci

  2. From Emma:

    Hey Adam, I'm praying for you. I hope you have a good birthday. Thank you for coming to my ball game. You are a great friend. I hope you can come to another game. Love Emma.

  3. Hey Guys, I just wanted to let y'all Know..

    I'm thinking of You Guys.. This Whole thing Still seems like a dream in my eyes.. I Still Cant believe that its all happening so fast, its slipped right before our eyes and now that its here, we Gotta Pray. I love all Of you. You all Make me smile when i go to your House. Everything will be better soon. Have Faith in God and Ourselves to be the best we can be for Adam. Have faith that he will Fix every little thing in our lives, which he will, in time.He Should be Able to be the Normal Little Boy that god intended him to be without worrying about all of this. We can get through this as a family. We Get Things that we Believe in, and Y'all as well as Myself, Believe that we can make it through this whole thing without any Scratches or Bruises. <3 Si Se Puede.

    God Loves Us !

  4. And we love you Adam! ~ Lee Ann Lee

  5. Hey Adam - Madison and Grant are here and they want to say HI and they can't wait to see you at your birthday party! Madison is sad that school is going to be out soon too! The summer will be fun though! She wants y'all to come to her birthday party on June 4th! We love you buddy! Goodnight! Oh hold on....Madison wants to know what you want for your birthday??? :-)