Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"'Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears?
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You're near?

What if trials of this life
Are Your mercies in disguise?" ~ Blessings by Laura Story

Over the past 24 hours, Amber has faced decisions no parent ever wants to face.....and she has done so with courage and strength beyond her years!  It is obvious God is guiding her and granting her the wisdom and peace she has asked Him to provide.

The opportunity to go to Minnesota and meet with Doctors about possible experimental stem cell treatment held many challenges.  One of the biggest concerns is the advance stage of Adam's disease.  With his stage of disease, the treatment itself had a high potential for causing further, rapid deterioration.
 After careful consideration, research and above all else, prayer, Amber has made the decision to choose quality of life and relationships for Adam instead of hospitals, chemo, radiation and stem cell treatment.  It is extremely important to Amber and Rollo that Adam's life be full, his memories be happy and his relationships be strong for as long as God allows him to have the capacity to enjoy life!  Make no mistake, we continue to pray for God's intervention and complete healing of Adam's body.  We will not cease to ask for that healing until the day he leaves this earthly body and receives his eternal, disease-free, glorious body in heaven.  God is able to heal Adam in Disney World, at home, or at the beach with His family.  God is not limited to healing only in the setting of chemo, radiation and hospitals.  We will continue to ask, with confidence God is able and will completely trust Him with the results.

Make a Wish has been amazing!  They are setting up Adam's trip for June 3rd, right after school ends.  James, Amber and Emma will be in Disney at the same time and the timing allows for them to enjoy company of friends at the same time!  God is good to work out that detail!!!!

In choosing a life of memories for Adam, their family will make the most of every day and opportunity - whether that is enjoying watching Adam play with Alayna in the yard, exploring the beach with his grandpa or saying his good night prayers!  Please continue to support this family with your prayers, friendship and gifts of love.  Your generosity has allowed for great memory makers already!  We look forward to seeing what God does through this community of church, friends and family in the days to come.

1.  God answered prayer in a very real, specific way.  He gave Amber wisdom and ability to make the tough decisions.  He has given her peace and a lightness of spirit as she is confident in this decision.
2.  God has blessed Amber with Rollo.  He has been her support and loves her, encourages her and gives her courage to do what she believes is right.
3.  Make a Wish has quickly provided an amazing trip to Disney and God worked out the timing where they will be able to share some of the experience with friends.

1.  Please pray for continued peace for Adam's family as they seek to make the most of every day. 
2.  Pray for God to continue to provide for every need - emotional, physical, financial and spiritual.
3.  Pray for Alayna and Oriana as they navigate the unfamiliar territory they have been place in at this time.  Ask God to give them a sense of security and love.
4.  Pray for God to grant Amber wisdom with every decision she faces, and the courage to do whatever God leads her to do.

Ways you can help:
1.  Pray.  Never stop believing God can heal and He still performs miracles.  Ask God for complete healing of Adam.
2.  If you have connections to provide Adam and his family with opportunities to make memories, please consider doing so.  He absolutely loved meeting the Astros (especially the locker room!), his birthday was a BLAST, the King Ranch Truck was cool, cool, cool! All of these things were made possible because of people who knew people who had a heart to help.  If you know someone who might be able to provide vacation opportunities or experiences here in town, please contact Amber directly or you may contact Lee Ann to do so anonymously. 
3.  Gift cards are still helpful.  Amber has quit her job in order to spend this time with Adam.  Rollo will be taking off work as he is able.  He will be going to Disney and there will be other times he will want to be with the family.  Visa gift cards can be used to pay utilities, gasoline, groceries or for a vacation.  You may also make donations at Community Bank in Crosby by seeing Josh Seale. 

Here is a link to an amazing song of the beauty of the blessings found through trials.
Blessings by Laura Story



    Cris and family

  2. Continued prayers for my extended family. You are an awesome mom Amber and know that you have friends and family praying for you everyday, and GOD will help you with all those tough decisions you have to make. I hope your trip to Disney World is an awesome experience for all of you. I wish I could do more, but my love and prayers will have to do for now. I love you all. Serena

  3. Adam fathers side of the family is also praying for him and Alayna also.....His Meme wishes the best for Amber to.

  4. Reading this through tears. What a testament of God's grace in their lives. Amber, your strength, courage, and your passion for your son is truly something to behold. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Continuing to pray for your family.