Monday, May 9, 2011

Prayers for Adam tonight.......

Adam is having a rough night tonight he is very emotional I'm asking that we ask God to comfort him! The doctor said he would have mood swings, be happy one minute and crying the next....well that happened at dinner time tonight. As a mother it breaks my heart to see him cry over the school year ending he is worried about Mrs.Cannon and Mrs.Simmons! He is now doing fine and I hope it stays that way through out the night! Thank you Jesus in all that you do and please say a prayer for Christian Smith and his family yall are always in our thoughts and prayers! ~Amber


  1. Tell Adam aunt Laci & Josh love him, it hurts me so bad that he is going through this. We have added Adam to Kaeli's prayers and ours at night. Give him a kiss for and goodnigbt.

  2. Amber, I have been praying for Adam, all of you and the Smith family. Praying for better results on the 11th. Through Christ, anything is possible. God Bless you all.

  3. Dear Lord, I lift up Adam Hunter and place him at your throne Father God. I ask thay you surronds your healing angles around Adam and take away this terrible disease that he is encountering. Lord you healed the blind and rose the dead and I believe right now that you are working in behalf of Adam. I cancel and bind this disease in Jesus name and Saturn I have news for you; you can't have him I cammond you to take your hands off Adam right now in Jesus. I come into agreement with all that Adam will be HEALED in Jesus name. Pat York