Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday May 24th

WOW what an awesome weekend we had with Adam's birthday party and with meeting the Astros last night.
Let me start off with Saturday the day of Adam's party....it was such a great turnout and it was very fun. I left early to meet up with LeeAnn and Amber to get things ready for the birthday meanwhile Adam, Rollo, Alayna and Oriana stayed behind to finish getting ready. Little did Adam know that a huge decked out Ford King Ranch truck was coming to pick him up for his party! I think that was pretty awesome and he was so excited! We had face painting, balloon makers, cotton candy, popcorn, snowcones.....it was all so yummy! We also had hamburgers and hotdogs thank you James for cooking for all of us! Amber Asbill made the most delicious cupcakes and cake....the cake looked awesome! Thank you Amber! I also want to thank LeeAnn, Paula, Ann and everyone who helped make this day special for Adam! Adam got so much stuff its unbelievable! Thank you everyone for all his gifts and money!
Yesterday we got to meet the Houston Astros and it was AMAZING!!!
When we first got there we got to go onto the field and watch them have batting practice along with autographs and pictures! Thank you to Mrs.Houser, Mrs.Towles and Jr Towles for making Adam MVP for the day! Soon after Adam and Rollo got to go into the Clubhouse! While Adam and Rollo were in there me and the girls went ot our seats. Adam and Rollo got to meet CRAIG BIGGIO and get his autograph! Adam got 2 signed Louisville Slugger one from JR Towles and the other from MIcheal Bourn! He got a glove from Bill Hall, sweat bands from Humberto Quintero, batting gloves and Astros necklace from JR Towles! Autographed ball from all the players and his Astros hat too! Thank you Towles family for making it possible for Adam!
                                    GOD BLESS~AMBER


  1. So happy Adam has such a memorable birthday and Astros experience. The Towles family is one of Crosby's best. They are so sweet. Happy Birthday, Adam!

  2. What a great weekend!! I'm sure he had a BLAST!!! Awesome Awesome!!!

  3. WoW! What a wonderful weekend, Adam. Sounds like a fantastic Birthday and then getting to go to the Astos and meet everyone. You are so right, the Towles family is very special as well as Ms Houser. Way to go Adam!