Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11th

Well today has been a great day so far my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Eddie came by to visit and it was good seeing them! Adam had a good morning although he said hes stomach felt weird like if he was pregnant yes he said pregnant he said it felt like something was moving in his stomach! LOL he always makes my day! Well tomorrow we return to the neurologist for a hospital follow up and I'm so nervous about going but I'll have Rollo there with me as well as LeeAnn so I know I will have the support I need! Adam's school is going to have him a party on the 17th but shhhh he doesn't know about it! Then we will be having his party on the 21st still dont know what time but I promise I will let yall know. If anyone is wondering he is into Star Wars, Legos, Tony Hawk, he also has a DSi and a Wii. I got word from Adam's Aunt Laci that the benefit for Adam will be July 10th and I will keep yall posted on that as well. I want to say thank you for all your help and prayers! I know that we are not in this Journey alone and we are blessed to live in such a great community! ~Amber

1. Adam's faith and spirit are strong.
2. Our family is doing great.
3. Adam is doing great in school.

1. God to continue working in Adam's life.
2. That the doctor's have good results tomorrow.
3. Continue praying for our family for peace and strength!


  1. Tell Adam, sometimes Mrs. Olivia's tummy makes bubbley movements that way too, lol! That is very sweet news what the school is doing! He will be so excited! I am happy for him! You are in my continued prayers sweet boy!

  2. Amber that just made my day & smile what Adam said today. :) So happy that Cousin Eddie & Cousin Sandra stopped by to visit. :) So Awesome that Adams classmates are gonna give him a party!!
    As you return to the neurologist tomorrow. I know many of us will be praying for you,Rollo and LeeAnn. Keep us posted on the benefit for Adam!! Blessing to his Aunt Laci. Blessing...

    "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trust in you."
    Isaiah 26:3

  3. Love Love Love that the school is doing a party for him! He will be so surprised!!!! Praying and believing our God is GOOD and He is ABLE!

  4. You should have seen Adam dancing today in the gym. He was 'gettin down' on the cha cha slide and the hokey pokey! Always fun to watch kids enjoy themselves. Love that big smile. Ms. Haas