Monday, June 27, 2011

Tides and Waves

"The tides of life are predictable, the waves of life are uncertain.  I am thankful I know The One who controls the tides and commands the waves." ~Robin Butler

The last several months have been a series of waves...... last night, the "wave" threatened to pull under.  Thankfully, at God's command, the storm was calmed.

Yesterday, Adam had a difficult day.  He was disoriented at times and struggled more than usual.  By evening, Adam was running fever and he fell and hit his head.  He became more disoriented and had difficulty responding.  A call to the nuerologist led to an emergency trip to Texas Children's Hospital.  Due to the ALD, Adam's body does not respond to the trauma of injuries or fever as other children would and can be in a critical situation quickly.  Through emails, texts and Facebook, several people began to pray, pleading with God for Adam to recover and continue to enjoy life as he is now. 

By the time Adam and his family arrived at the hospital, he was perking up and "Adam" was shining through.  He greeted visitors with hugs and assurances of "I am fine!  I am going to be OK!" 

When the ER Doctor entered the room, Adam asked, "Who are you?"  She responded, "I am your Doctor for the night."  To which Adam replied, "Oh, I thought you would be a man!"  His witty Doctor didn't miss a beat. She replied, "I bet you think all nurses are girls!"  He laughed and they made friends immediately. 

Thankfully, his bloodwork returned normal, neurology agreed he could go home and his Doctor returned to let him know the good news.  Adam was not happy!  He bargained, pleaded and negotiated some more...... "Please can I stay in the hospital just 6 days?  How about 4? Please?"  Before she left, she assured him, "If I could, I would admit you just so I could hang out with you!"  Adam had stolen her heart, just as he has stolen the hearts of all of us!  By the way, before leaving to go home, Adam's "Super Powers" were back in full strength.  In fact, he cleared the room more than once.  He is very proud of his accomplishments! :-)

While reflecting on the events of the evening, Danielle pointed many times we walk away from situations and say "Whew! That was close!  Thankfully it turned out not to be what we thought!"  When in reality, it was what we thought, but God intervened and changed the course.  We believe God intervened.  He heard your prayers and calmed the storm.  So today, we give Him Glory!  We praise Him and thank Him for restoring Adam to his clever, witty self!

This morning, another wave hit.  Dr. Lotze returned from out of the country and called Amber.  The genetics testing was back and he confirmed Adam has the genetic form of ALD.  This means Amber will need to undergo genetic testing as well.  When Amber explained the changes Adam has experienced, and told him about the events of yesterday, Dr. Lotze explained these changes are to be expected.  He then let her know he was putting in a referral for a wheelchair and modifications to their home.  This news is difficult on so many levels and may include the need to move to a different home.

So, taking a deep breath and choosing to make the most of the day, Adam was able to enjoy a day with his family.  Rollo took the day off and they went to see Kung Fu Panda II, ate pizza and relaxed!

1.  God answered prayers and Adam quickly recovered from his fever and fall!
2.  Adam and his family enjoyed a day together - movies, pizza.....the normal things in life!
3.  God's continued provision of air and the ability to breathe while the waves of ALD come too close together!

Prayer Requests:
1.  Healing.  Healing.  Healing.
2.  Decisions and provisions regarding a handicap ready home.
3.  Comfort, Peace and Wisdom for Adam and his family.


  1. Adam (and family). My husband and I are in IN with his parents who are 90 and 93. Dave (hubby)'s sister is an ER nurse. I now have all the family here praying for you and your family and enjoying keeping up with you through this blog. I love you and think and pray for you continually. Love, Ms. Haas

  2. Not a day has gone by without me thinking and praying for Adam and the whole family. My family and I will continue to pray.
    Love, Ms. Salazar