Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be A Hero, Become A Donor

As many of you know, in April of this year, our son was diagnosed with a horrific disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy.  Without bone marrow transplant, or God's intervention, this diagnosis is terminal.  Our family is committed to raising awareness not only to our son's disease, but to also motivate our community to join the marrow registry.  While Bone Marrow Transplant is not an option for our son, we do know that over 70% of all patients in need of a life saving bone marrow transplant worldwide will need a stranger to give them life.  That stranger could be you or me.  But you can't "Be a Hero" without joining the registry and we will give you that opportunity at Adam's Benefit on Saturday, July 30 from 10 am - 6 pm at the VFW Post 10352 located at 16035 Waverly Drive in Houston or online with us at and click on "Be A Hero Become A Donor" in the pull down menu.

It is important to make sure you are a committed potential donor before you make the decision to swab your cheek, so please check out the Eligibility Guidelines at   first to see if you meet the health   and weight guidelines, as well as being comfortable with the methods of donation.  You can also find information at
Realize that the odds of matching a patient in need are slim, but imagine getting the call someday that you match a 5 year old boy or 40 year old mother of similar heritage to you.  Most people don't realize that you match a patient based on race and ethnicity, so the more people on the registry of different tissue types (heritages), the more matches we will have, hence the more lives saved.

Help us save lives in honor of Adam and be part of his legacy of giving HOPE to patients in need worldwide by joining the "DKMS Marrow Registry" today.  And tell a friend.

Please make sure you understand you are not joining the registry to save Adam.  He is not a candiate for a BMT.  When you sign up for the DKMS registry, you potentially can match a patient globally and unless you are prepared to say YES to saving them, we DO NOT want you to register.  Adam is the catalyst for this lifesaving endeavor!

Recycle Your Body Today....
Be A Hero, Become a Donor

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  1. Adams Dad, and Meme Brinda would like to thank everybody for the great turn out and the generousness amount donated to the benefit. A special thanks to Woody Lynch for his help in making this benefit possible. A special thanks to Adams Aunt Laci, Uncle Shiloh, and Aunt Jackie for all the time and donations for the benefit. We love you Adam and Alayna we hope to see you soon. We will keep you in our prayers each and everynight.