Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer coming to an end.....

Wow I cant believe another summer is almost gone as I look back at our summer I'm really happy at all the memories and time we spent getting to do things. The way the doctors were talking is that by the end of the summer it wouldn't have been good. But here we are and although we have seen changes in Adam he has proven the doctors wrong. In June that's why we had the chance for Disneyworld and the doctors made it a rush wish we absolutely had an amazing time that we will remember forever! July we went with LeeAnn to her parents lake house and we also had a blast the kids rode jet skies, the boat and went swimming. They had a blast participating in the 4th of July parade. We also went to the beach house and stayed there for a couple of days! At the end of July the VFW held a benefit for Adam and I would like to thank them. Now I can focus on my family and not have to worry about what we need and how we are gonna get it!
Adam started occupational therapy yesterday but I don't think it will be very beneficial to him but we will see. Adam starts physical therapy on the 24th and the way the OT therapist was talking is that a wheelchair will be a lot safer for Adam. We will see what PT says.
I know many of you are wondering how Adam is doing....things have really changed and here it goes....first and foremost hes walking is the major thing that has changed. He walks but with assistance and that is why we are hoping for a walker or wheelchair. I now have to help him go to the bathroom, bathe, dress, sometimes feed him and watch him closely when he eats for the fear that he is gonna choke. He has had problems a couple of times with not being able to swallow. I noticed in the last week that his left leg and arm are not as strong as his right arm and his left leg is stiff a lot. The past couple of days he has started drooling without knowing.He also gets frustrated sometimes and gets emotional. On the other hand he is still smart as ever and remembers things from along time ago. He is still the same Adam and still very talkative and always tells me he loves me! He still loves to play with his friends and swim at Mrs. Rachels house! He is still able to play with his Star Wars guys his Legos not so much since they are small.
Thank you all for standing behind us during this difficult time and continuing to be with us on this horrific journey. We love you all and God Bless!

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  1. I Brenda (janes) Hunter,Adams(meme)grandmother...would like to say THANK YOU for everyones donations, time, and participation on the July 30th Benefit. The turnout was more then the family would have ever imagined.
    The family would like to extent a thank you from the bottom of are hearts for the prayers and the kind hearts. We are now able to spend qualty and special time with Adam with no added burdens. Yet again we say thanks to one and all.. LOVE MEME ;)