Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Physical Therapy Update

Today we went to Adams physical therapy and it went good for the most part. At first they wanted to put him in a walker and when they got it out and put him in it i started crying. This was not your normal walker this thing was huge and it had a belt looking thing that went around his waist and a thing that went in between his legs. To top it off it had straps on his ankles and it  looked like some kind of contraption.... I was like NO I will not have my son in that thing!! So then we started talking about the wheelchair and since its custom made it takes up to 3 months I was like are you kidding me 3 MONTHS!! So since it takes so long they will get him a loaner wheelchair and we should have it no later than Monday. They recommend home therapy since they are so far away from us...we will see how that goes since it is hard getting home therapy. They are also getting Adam a bath chair, a toilet chair that will be easier for me and Adam both.
The school has been very supportive and Adams teacher even called to see how he was doing, He has 3 teachers Mr.Hamm, Mrs.Rennalls and Mrs.Brenneman. He has a lot of friends in his class and for now the nurse has a wheelchair in his class for when they go to electives, lunch or recess. He loves it they were calling it his throne and calling Adam your highness!! LOL  I love this little boy so much!! Like I said before his walking has gotten worse and needs help walking...he has trouble sleeping and I'm waiting for the doctor to tell me how much Melatonin to start Adam out on...his speech has changed also and is now soft spoken...his left leg and left arm are not as responsive as his right arm and leg. last night as i was changing him i could not bend his leg and finally when i was able to he said that it hurt. I HATE SEEING MY SON LIKE THIS!! I'm also waiting to hear back from Dr.Lotze and the social worker to see about getting an appointment to discuss the future This is something that i dread doing but I know that it needs to be done sooner than later, Well this is all I can handle for one night as I can't stop crying and can barely see the keyboard. Thank you and God Bless!!
1.) Adam and Alayna had a great first day of school!
2.) Adam is perfectly fine with having a wheelchair and loves the attention that comes along with it.
3.) The school is doing all they can to make Adam as comfortable as possible and going to extreme measures to to help him any way they can.

Prayers Requests:
1.) Please continue praying for complete healing in Adams body.
2.) Pray for comfort and that he will start getting some restful sleep.
3.) That God will provide the right house for us that will make things easier for Adam and myself.
4.) Pray for strength, faith, love, wisdom and peace.
“Be JOYFUL in HOPE, PATIENT in affliction, FAITHFUL in PRAYER”~Romans 12:12


  1. I will pray for him, he will get better just pray for god to give him strength,I THINK THE WALKER WILL HELP HIM TO WALK BETTER,MY PRAYES ARE WITH YOU&ROLLO & THE GIRLS. LOVE TIA DIANA

  2. Amber I can not imagine what you are going through right now. This breaks my heart. It hurts to read your pain and I can feel it in your words. I'll keep you all in my prayers. I love you, girl!

  3. I'm still praying and will continue praying until the Lord heals your precious Adam. Keep your head up girl! God will come through!!

  4. Praying...I love you guys!!!!

  5. Adam and your family are in our prayers.

  6. You are in my prayers.. Know that he is happy each and everyday and take one day at a time. That's for blogging and keeping us updated.